Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Ideal for any home

Luxury vinyl flooring has a style and functionality that is matched by no other flooring. It can be used in every room in your house. Bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or living rooms, there’s nowhere it can’t serve you. It functions in both casual and formal spaces.

Two types of LVF

LVF comes in plank and tile formats. Vinyl plank flooring, or LVP, imitates what hardwood floors look like. Its segmented pieces will fit together like puzzle pieces, so it's a snug fit when installing it. The board width can be different, depending on your choice. But most importantly, you have a wide variety of natural grains to choose from.

What if hardwood isn’t what you are looking for? Then luxury vinyl tile, or LVT flooring, is your other option. LVT is made to look like porcelain or ceramic tile. It can match stone or brick as well. At first glance, you may not even think that this is vinyl!

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Waterproof flooring

Vinyl flooring is made up of composite stone or wood-plastic materials. Due to the advanced technology of today, texturing is authentically reproduced. It looks just like what it is imitating. It is, at its core, waterproof and feels like natural tile and real wood underfoot. Both can be underwater for an extended period without any change at all. This means that it won’t swell, bend, warp, or curl. Luxury vinyl flooring is ideal for basements that have dampness to them.

An attractive look

Three-dimensional pictures make up the vinyl, and you can see tiny detail in the grains and tile. Grains, knots, burls, and swirls are all on display. The flooring is micro-beveled to give it a natural look and embossed to give it an aged look.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Elkton, KY from Surplus Sales

Trust our flooring installation professionals

Luxury vinyl flooring can be installed with no attachment to a subfloor. Instead, it would be a floating floor where the pieces click together. If needed, underlayment is added to reduce noise and as a moisture barrier. The floor can also be glued down if desired.

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